Say Goodbye to Being Scatterbrained and Overwhelmed

The most complete and convenient mental nourishment there is.

  • Heightened energy and focus for peak performance
  • Relieve the stress and anxieties of your day
  • Perfect balance of complimentary ingredients
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

How It Works

A monthly membership of ALTA is your long term mental improvement insurance plan. You will be energized and ‘un-distractible’ day after day.

You will automatically receive ALTA the same time each month, and will benefit from uninterrupted mental performance.*

You can pause, change billing cycles, or cancel your membership at any time in your profile or by reaching out to our customer service team.

Perfect if:
  • You’re looking to take your mental ability to the next level
  • You suffer from daily stress and anxiety
  • You’re seeking enhanced mental performance during key situations
  • You want the best value we have to offer
The daily mental nutrition you need to:
  • Become ‘Un-distractible’
  • Have sustained energy and focus all day long
  • Make quick, confident decisions
  • Recuperate and restore your mind and body
  • Achieve optimum long term brain health
What to expect:
  • Boosted energy and focus within a week
  • Experience the difference before becoming a member
  • With each daily dose of nutrients your mind will be one step closer to optimum brain health

If you don’t like it,
it’s on us.

100% Satisfaction

Our Risk Free Guarantee

Our customers LOVE what ALTA does for them. More than that, they love having mental stamina and laser focus with these cognitive nutrients.

We are sure you’ll have the same results, but if ALTA isn’t for you, we are more than happy to refund you within 30 days. Just call to let us know what superior product you found.

What Customers Are Saying

Finding ALTA has been a game-changer. Their "Focus" blend feels super clean and it consistently gives me the focus/energy I have been looking for, and “Mood” keeps me balanced. I love the all-in-one solution.

Rory F.

Great product shows up on my doorstep on time every month without fail. My life is simpler and energy level unprecedented. I love it.

Alison G.

I love my ALTA! I have gotten several people to start taking them! I also love the auto ship.

Rob N.

After taking both Focus and Mood for about a month now, I can honestly say it has enhanced my every day, allowing me to keep a strong momentum and positive attitude!

Taylor A.